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Grooming All Dogs

Happy Dogs Grooming BurnsivlleOur Company's mission is to give every dog a good experience at the grooming shop. From puppies to senior dogs, every dog responds differently to the grooming environment. We have the ability and experience to provide grooming to all dogs, even dogs with medical conditions, or dogs which respond aggressively in the grooming environment.

Our staff is trained to handle dogs in a gentle and patient manner. Every action we take will help build trust between your dog and our staff.

Knowledgeable Groomers

Education is a major emphasis for our Company. We take the time to educate and train our staff on breed identification and the standard groom for each breed. Skilled Dog Grooming Staff Burnsville Our staff is educated on the differences between coat types and the grooming requirements of each coat.

Our staff is trained to identify skin conditions if they exist, and recommend treatment options.

We are not Veterinarians, but due to the groomer seeing your dog's skin and coat during the grooming process, groomers are usually the first to identify specific skin conditions for your dog before they get to be serious.

Double Dog Discount

Owner's with more than one dog qualify for a $5.00 discount on the second standard grooming appointment they schedule.

Both dogs need to be dropped off at the same time in order to qualify for the discount.Burnsville Double Dog Discount

Bathing Services

Sometimes its easy to tell if your dog needs a bath. They may be muddy or have a strong smell. Bathing your dog helps to maintain a healthy coat and skin, Burnsville Dog Bath Optionas well as removing any dead hair that is stuck within their coat.

We have the equipment and facilities needed to bathe your dog correctly. We have priced our bathing services to be affordable, making it easier for clients to bathe their dogs more regularly. Make an appointment and let us handle the mess and do it for you!