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City Demographics

City Population: 49,978
Dog Population*: 12,053
*Dog population estimated based on national or state averages based on households per city.

Dog Licensing Info - City of Apple Valley

We encourage all dog owners to license their dogs with their respective city they reside in. The City of Apple Valley issues animal licenses that last 2 years before they expire. Please contact the City of Apple Valley to learn more about the details of their animal licenses, and where you can apply to get one.

Alimagnet Dog Park (Off-Leash)

Near the border of Apple Valley and Burnsville is Alimagnet Dog Park. This is a park run by a not-for-profit organization in connection with the City of Burnsville. This park is free to the public, but the organization strongly encourages people to purchase permits which help to offset the cost of maintenance for the park. Attendance at this park is usually strong, so expect to see a lot of different dogs there. Pet waste bags are available, and there is a shelter with water available at the back of the park. There is also a small dog area for owners with the smaller breeds.

One downside to the park is due to the free access, you will encounter many different dogs, owners, and training methods. Every dog has a different temperment, especially if owners bring toys into the park. We have seen many owners attempt to socialize their dog at the park, which can have great outcomes, or not so great. Just be careful, and you should have a good time at the park.