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What is a Deshed Service?

A Deshed Service removes dead undercoat which is responsible for a large majority of the shedding your dog is experiencing. Dog's will shed throughout the year, but there are two times (Spring and Fall), when they will experience higher than normal shedding, due to their bodies changing for the upcoming seasonal change. Deshed Services will not eliminate all shedding your dog will do. However it will result in a large improvement in the shedding you see around the house.

Grooming Personnel

Our salon uses natural methods for removal of dead undercoat of your dog, which is responsbile for the majority of your shedding issue. While the use of chemicals is safe and used widely among other grooming shops, we feel the best method is the natural method of using brushes and combs to remove the dead undercoat.

DIY Options

There are tools you can purchase at pet stores which allow you to provide deshedding service to your dog. Some of these tools are very powerful, so be sure to read directions or instructional materials before use. We have seen many owners who have done damage to their dog's coat without knowing the damage they were doing. The use of simple brushes is one of the easiest and safest ways to help control your dog's shedding. If you are consistent with your brushing, your dog's coat will be in better shape.