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My two dogs, Bella and Jack are very happy customers of Afton. Not only does Afton groom them to look cute as a button, but is very open to accomodating their special skin needs. Afton was first to recognize Bella had an ear problem and took considerable care to make it better. Both Jack and Bella always know when they are on their way to see Afton and are always excited to get in the door. I always feel confident leaving them because I know they receive special care. Afton is a skilled, upbeat and attentive dog groomer. I highly recommend her.


I had taken my Yorkie, Lotus, to several other groomers before finding Afton and we hadn't had any good experiences. He always seemed to come home with cuts on his legs from grooming. One place cut his nails so short, all of his paws had blood on them when I picked him up. I can remember how nervous Lotus and I were the first time I brought him to Afton. I told her about his bad experiences and explained that he was scared to have his nails cut. Lotus PicBefore I left, I asked her to please be careful with him, I didn't want him hurt anymore. Two hours later, I picked him up and he was perfect! He was licking her face and was so happy. Every time I brought him to Afton was the same. He was excited to go, he would give her kisses when we got there, she always groomed him exactly how I asked and he was happy when I picked him up. Lotus and I were very sad to hear that she had moved away! Afton is by far the best groomer I have ever taken Lotus to! I highly recommend her grooming services to anyone looking for a groomer who not only does an exceptional job, but adds a little TLC while doing it. This is a picture of Lotus after his first visit with Afton, he was so happy!!!


We have known Afton for over 3 years, Crosby was just a pup when we met. Both Crosby and Bella love her. She is a kind, friendly, and loving groomer who we miss dearly. Afton has always loved both Bella and Crosby and treated them like they were her own. On spa day, Crosby always would smile his doggie smile and wag his tail. Bella would go right to her and they both always gave her kisses.

Brenda C.