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Full Groom

Our sylists provide full grooming services for your pet based on their breed requirements. We have posted our full pricing, which includes many of the normal services recommended for your pet.

Deshed Service

Deshed of PugEven low maintenance dogs, such as labs or pugs have a double-coat, which sheds on a normal basis. Usually these breeds will experience higher levels of shedding about twice a year (once in the spring and fall).

Allow us to perform a deshed service on them, which will significantly reduce the amount of hair your dog is shedding. We use natural methods, which do not employ the use of chemicals to release the undercoat that is causing the shedding.

Note: Deshed services will never eliminate all shedding. However it will greatly reduce the amount of hair that your dog is shedding for a period of time. We recommend doing a deshed service for your dog at least twice a year. This will help remove the dead undercoat your dog has been shedding, which is good for the overall health of your dog.

Puppy's First Groom

Have a new puppy? Introducing your puppy to the grooming environment while they are still young is a great experience for them. We introduce them to the different sounds and smells of the grooming shop.

Nail Trims Only

Maybe you don't want a full groom, but need help doing their nails? We provide a la carte nail trimming services. Currently we do require you to make an appointment for nail trims, but in the future as we expand our staff, we intend on offering drop in nail trim services.

Teeth Cleaning Only

We do offer a la carte teeth cleaning services. If your dog has teeth which require regular maintenance, we have the skills needed to clean your dog's teeth and gums.

Skunk Baths

In the event that your dog does happen to cross paths with a skunk, we have the products required to clean your dog. Don't fight the smell and just bring them in for a treatment to get them smelling normal again.