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If you have been told that your dog has shown aggressive tendencies during grooming, we would like to know when you are scheduling your appointment. This will allow us to block off some additional time so your dog has the best experience we can offer.

Muzzle Fee

Many grooming shops in the Twin Cities do not attempt to groom a dog with aggressive tendencies. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee, up to $15.00, in the event your dog is aggressive during the grooming process. When a dog is aggressive during the grooming process, it takes much longer to groom, and we need to charge you to compensate for that extra time.

We will continue to monitor the behavior of your dog during its grooming experiences, and will be happy to not charge the fee once your dog has developed trust with their groomer due to the service they receive. While there are no guarantees your dog will learn to love the grooming process, we have seen great results in dogs we have groomed with aggressive tendencies. If you are committed to bringing your dogs in consistently, so we can start to build good experiences with your dog, they will likely become better during the grooming process.