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Nail Trims

A dog nail has a vein (called the kwik), which is housed inside the nail of the dog. This vein grows in relation to how long the nail grows. Trimming a dog's nails are not as simple as just cutting a large portion off, as you will cut the vein by doing so. Cutting the Kwik can be a painful experience for a dog, and may cause them to fear nail trims in the future.

Dog nails are recommended to be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks, which allows the vein to recede to a shorter length within the nail.

Grooming Personnel

Our staff is trained on the proper method of trimming nails. Since we do it on a daily basis, we know what to look for to trim or grind your dog's nails to the optimal length, while keeping them safe from any cuts.

DIY Options

Pet Stores do sell nail trimming tools which allow you to trim your dog's nails at home. We do advise you to do some research on the anatomy of your dog's nails before you attempt to cut or trim their nails. In addition to nail trimming tools, we recommend purchasing a bottle of Kwik Stop at your local pet store in the event you inadvertantly cut the vein. This will help to clot the cut sooner, and make for less of a mess.

If you do not trim the nail to the end of the vein, the nail trim is ineffective as it will not cause the vein to recede.