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What's Included?

What Costs Extra?

Matting - Starting at $10.00

Hair that becomes tangled into a knot, which is not able to be released by simple brushing is known as a Mat. Some breeds are more susceptible to mats, while owners can combat the formation of mats by brushing their dogs on a regular basis. Mats can be tightly knotted near the skin and cause fungus to grow if not dealt with properly.

A small amount of matting is usual around the ears and tail areas. When mats have developed for a while and are on the back and legs of a dog, they can be more time consuming to remove. The hair may be so tightly knotted near the skin that it will take a while to safely remove these mats.

Warning! There may be instances when your dog hasn't been brushed or groomed for a longer period of time, and mats may be so large it is not advisable to try and brush them out. Brushing such mats may cause irritation to your dog's skin which could result in a Vet visit. If we suspect your dog has serious matting, the only option would be to shave the dog short and allow the hair to grow back.

Aggressive Behavior - $15.00

Our staff is trained to handle dogs which respond aggressively to the grooming experience. Our goal is to build trust with your dog and help train them to accept grooming. Building trust with your dog does take extra time due to the patience required for our staff to safely groom your dog.

Extra Scissoring - Starting at $10.00

Clients which request hair lengths of 1 inch or longer require the use of scissors to fully groom your dog. We are trained and happy to provide this service for our clients. The use of scissors does take longer than the use of clippers for grooming.