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Injured Dogs

If a dog is injured during the grooming process, we will always report any injury to the pet owner. Customers have a 24 hour window from their grooming appointment to notify Bark Avenue if they feel their dog has been injured in some way while at our shop. We will ask you to bring your dog back so we can properly identify the injury in question. Based on investigation of the injury, we will determine if it was a mistake by the groomer, or if it was not avoidable by the groomer. If we deem the injury was avoidable, we will cover Veterinary fees at the Vet of our choice (Smith Veterinary Hospital in Burnsville)

Matted Hair on dogs is a major problem today with grooming. Every dog has different risks of Matted Hair due to their coat/skin type. Our Staff will make recommendations for how often to bring in your dog to prevent the chance of matting with your pet. If we recommend to come every 4 to 6 weeks, and you choose to not adhere to that time window, we will have you sign a Matted Pet Release Form which outlines the hazards of grooming due to the condition of your dog's coat.

Disease Transmission

Rabies vaccinations are required by the State of Minnesota. In order for your dog to be groomed at Bark Avenue, you are required to keep your dog up to date on Rabies Vaccinations.

Every other vaccine is a client's choice whether to do or not. It is our recommendation that you fully vaccinate your pets, including, but not limited to: bordatella (kennel cough), parvo, giardia, etc. If you choose not to vaccinate your pet, you assume the risk of not doing so.

Aggressive Dogs

We do provide grooming services to dogs which have aggressive tendencies. This requires our staff to operate under safety measures to keep all dogs and people safe while at the grooming facilities.

Use of a muzzle will be used in certain instances. Sometimes a muzzle is a necessary tool to keep a groomer safe while handling a dog which poses more of a risk of injury. The muzzle does not hurt the dog, but merely keeps their teeth from contact with the groomer.