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City Demographics

City Population: 27,959
Dog Population*: 5,687
*Dog population estimated based on national or state averages based on households per city.

Dog Licensing Info - City of Savage

We encourage all dog owners to license their dogs with their respective city they reside in. The City of Savage requires pet licenses for all dogs to be renewed annually. Licenses for your dog may be purchased from the Savage Police Department.

City of Savage Dog Park (Off-Leash)

This dog park is provided by the City of Savage for dog owners. It consists of 2 acres of land that is fenced in. There is no charge to use this park, however they require any patron to have their dog licensed by the City. A pet waste station is provided, however no water facilities are available. While this dog park does not have many frills, it can be a nice place for your dog to get some exercise. Due to the smaller quarters, it also allows you to stand in one spot and still keep an eye on your dog if they like to run.