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Afton, MPS, PDS

Afton Picture After working for 7 years as a groomer in Western Wisconsin, Afton chose to start her own Pet Salon in Burnsville in 2014. She has owned different breeds of dogs throughout her life, ranging from a 3 pound Maltese, to a 90 pound Bernese Mountain Dog. She takes an artistic approach to grooming your dog, and enjoys the unique details of each breed's standard. From an excited puppy experiencing their first groom to a senior dog who doesn't have the energy they used to have, Afton takes pride in not only making your dog look better, but also feeling better. Grooming can be an exciting or stressful time for your dog, and Afton knows how to make your dog feel comfortable and enjoy coming back for their grooming experiences. The best part of her day is seeing the client's face after seeing how well their dog has been groomed.

Hand Scissoring
First Aid and CPR Certified
Schnauzer Grooms (all 3 sizes)
Dogs with Aggressive Behavior


Marcy PictureComing from Prior Lake, Marcy is a talented groomer with a passion for dogs which like to shed. Her love of working with dogs led her to enroll at Argosy University, where she graduated with a degree in Veterinary Technology. Growing up with Labrador Retrievers, she knows the amount of hair that dogs can shed on a weekly basis. Her favorite part of grooming is making dogs look cute while making each dog feel better with their skin and coat being maintained properly. Her Vet Tech background is valuable in helping her notice anything out of the ordinary with the dogs she grooms, so we can alert the owner if it is something they are not aware of.

Special Needs Dogs
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


Ashley Picture Ashley has lived in Lakeville her whole life. She grew up with family members that had Spaniels, both Cocker Spaniels and English Springer Spaniels. With many different breeds that come into the shop on a daily basis, she enjoys seeing the transformation that happens during the grooming process for every client we serve. She excels at seeing the proper proportions in sculping the hair to provide the proper structure and balance for the dogs she grooms.

Cocker Spaniels
Springer Spaniels
Golden Retrievers


Jenny PictureAfter several years at a corporate job, Jenny decided to leave that behind and follow her true passion which is her love for dogs. She has grown up with dogs her whole life from a Chihuahua, Toy Poodle, Maltese/Poodle mix, and a Miniature American Eskimo. Her favorite part about grooming is meeting all the fun and unique personalities each dog has and getting to know each dog personally.

Senior Dogs
American Eskimos
Nail Trimming